For so long, people have been eating dry and bland fruit snacks. But, at Urban Fruit, we want to do better, offering great quality and low calorie delicious fruit snacks.


More than an Ingredient

Sure, dried fruit can be a great ingredient when baking or with your morning yoghurt, but they’re actually pretty awesome on their own too. This is why we spend so much time finding the best quality ingredients that hit the spot every time you eat them.


Free From

Sulphites are artificial chemicals that stop dried fruit looking like dried fruit. We don’t fruit shame at Urban, and you shouldn’t either.


We bake all our fruits at low temperatures overtime, which gives our products a satisfying chew while making them stay delicious for longer. Win win!

Commitment to

At Urban Fruit we only use fruits that we think you will genuinely enjoy, this is why a number of our products have won great taste awards.

We believe in doing better

With global temperatures increasing, we’re doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment to help grow a better tomorrow.


Our mango and pineapple peels are used to create a biofuel. This is then used to heat the ovens which bake our fruits, helping to reduce our food waste by using the entire fruit in the production process.

Rather than throwing fruits away, our fruits go into special ripening chambers to speed up the ripening process, ensuring great quality and helping to reduce waste.

Our Packaging

Since the start of 2023, our entire range is officially recyclable!

We have been trialing and are now using a new material for our coconut chips bag. This keeps the product fresher for longer, while removing the need for foil, meaning you can officially recycle this in store, alongside the rest of our tasty snacks.

And from August 2023 we’ve revolutionised our packaging by moving of all of our sharing bags to one size. Reducing the size of our cases, which means reducing our cardboard usage and less vehicles on the road!

Our Support

In 2022, we partnered with City Harvest, a London-based food waste charity, ensuring that none of our food goes to waste. We often attend volunteer days to help their team do great work.

According to The Food Foundation 1 in 4 families with children have suffered food insecurity in the past month! This means there’s no better time for us to donate and support a valuable cause.