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Our founder recognised that dried fruit was a really healthy pre and post workout snack that was both tasty and nutritious! It has lots of great properties including being an energy booster! The only problem was that the dried fruits available were your standard prunes, raisins and dates that were full of added sugar and preservatives. So we set off to completely revolutionise the category…
And so Urban Fruit was born: We have a range of tasty and nutritious snacks that everyone will enjoy - No added Sugar, High in Fibre, No Sulphates, just delicious gently baked fruit!


Food on the
go should be a
good thing

Convenience shouldn’t come at a sacrifice to your health, your enjoyment or our planet. In fact, we believe that Urban Fruit is ripe to lead this direction toward enjoyable guilt-free snacking.

Side Splashes

How we make fruit urban


Only the ripest
fruit is picked

(100% waste free at

Gently baked at a low temperature

(This maintains the
nutrients & juiciness!)
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Packed up for
your enjoyment

(Perfect for on the go!)
Urban Fruit Gently Baked Packs

“Absolutely delicious and heaven in a bag wow”

5 Star Rating
Urban Fruit Gently Baked Packs

“My new favourite snack! Juicy and full of flavour.”

5 Star Rating
Urban Fruit Gently Baked Packs

“A healthy snack that tastes absolutely delish.”

5 Star Rating
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We believe in looking after our planet

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